Get-M-Tight Fitness Services

60 Minute Personal Training Sessions

One-on-one personal training program for individuals who would like to tone and firm but could use the regular assistance and motivation of fitness professional. You’ll meet with your trainer two or three times per week depending on your needs and fitness goals. A comprehensive fitness assessment will be used to create an exercise program designed specifically for you.  The personal training sessions are designed for success.

Workout Plan

This plan boosts weight loss through cardiovascular, aerobic and callisthenic exercises in the comfort of your home or office gym. Your trainer will provide you with cardiovascular workouts on your treadmills and elliptical trainers. Workout routines are planned for up to 5 days per week depending on your fitness goals.  You will find a variety of exercise routines that will maximize your goals even if you have a busy schedule.

Session Packages

Individual sessions are perfect for maintaining your commitment and its cost effective, those who find it difficult committing to a regular schedule, or clients who just need some occasional help. These sessions come with a three month expiration date so you can essentially have personal training on-demand.

Body Concentration


There are those muscles that you have attempted for months or years to define such as your abs, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, obliques and calves.  This program concentrates on a particular muscle(s) you must have defined.   The personal trainer will develop a program where you can start viewing results.

Nutritional Plan

Your personal trainer will create a nutritional plan that maximizes your goals.  A thorough approach to customize a plan for you is the way to success.  The nutritional plan can be designed for vegetarians, body building pre-competition and persons focused on steady weight loss.  This 5 day program includes all the necessary nutrients to maximize your goals.  This plan works best with the personal training sessions.

Couples Personal Training


This program was designed with couples in mind.  Together you can get fit with the help of your personal trainer.  Not only will the personal trainer motivate you, your partner will encourage you as you see the weight steadily fall off your body.  This program allows couples to share in the transformation and promote togetherness.  The personal training sessions don’t have to be taken simultaneously with your partner.