Victory Stories - " She lost 164 lbs."

I’m sick and tired…God please help me!  My weight was nothing but a representation of a cloud of darkness over my life.  For years, I’ve received and accepted negative seeds which took root and distracted me from my destined purpose.  Have you ever just walked by a person on the street and not recognize the light in them?  That was my story.  Pain, hurt, overeating, disappointments, low self-esteem and challenges in life were my cycles of sickness – I gravitated towards it.  When I found GOD - the battle was on!

It wasn’t until I developed an intimate relationship with God that I was able to obtain the VICTORY.  No longer could unhealthy eating and my unstable emotions (Satan’s playground) defeat me.  God wanted to use me and I was determined to do HIS will.  I became thirsty for God’s purpose which wasn’t revealed until I claimed the VICTORY. 

One day, I was led to Get-M-Tight.  Although I was skeptical at first, Rich and his team wrapped their arms around me with tough love, compassion and a shoulder for tears.  They were used as key instrumental tools in my journey.  More time with God…along with the consistent motivation and push from Get-M-Tight the weight began to fall off.  Get-M-Tights’ rules have no room for I can’t…I won’t…you can check that at the door. 

God was truly doing a new thing in ME!  I watched 20lbs…30lbs…60lbs…100lbs…disappear to never return no more.  My kids were my inspirations of joy.  I’m alive and walking in my purpose.  What’s my purpose?  To help deliver the sick!